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Acrylic material is the main material of advertising engraving machine, which is widely used in all kinds of billboards.

Acrylic material commonly known as plexiglass, is a kind of chemical material, its superior performance, in addition to the advertising industry, but also in construction, medicine, gifts and many other industries are widely used.

Acrylic material is easy to form, suitable for the range of high sensitivity requirements;

Acrylic high hardness, corrosion resistance, weather resistance can be particularly strong, suitable for outdoor advertising production, can receive the wind and sun;

Acrylic material has high transparency, bright color after coloring, and does not fade for a long time, which is favored by advertising manufacturers.

In the use of advertising engraving mechanism for acrylic advertising, acrylic materials can be suitable for flat drum words, sharp drum words, drum words three types of word carving.

With the continuous progress of mechanical engraving technology, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, mold engraving machine, fine engraving machine and other types of engraving machine have great development and progress, providing convenience for woodworking, masonry, advertising, mold and other industries, and promoting the development and progress of various industries.

The advertising engraving machine has advanced technology and a wide range of applications. It can be used in PVC, acrylic, wood, bamboo, organic board, two-color board, crystal and other materials for exquisite text and pattern engraving.

When choosing the acrylic material suitable for the advertising engraving machine, the combined mold should be selected according to the size of the advertisement first, and the two sides should be smooth in the process of trimming.

The floor of acrylic advertisement is made of hard plastic board, connected with the above light box with screws, in the process of bending the board, the adjustable distance strip heater is used, and it is formed at a time.

In the process of advertising production, advertising engraving machine can be relief, hollow carving and other carving techniques, enrich the form of billboard production, promote the development of the advertising industry, favored by the majority of advertising manufacturers, great development potential.

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